Cold Brew Mason Jar - Large (25 oz)


Sometimes mornings are rough, and there’s just not enough time to make your morning cold brew. No one should miss out on delicious cold brew, even if you’re a busy bee. This jar is perfect for overnight brewing so you can wake up and have your cold brew all ready to go. There’s also a hidden indicator for you to know where to pour water to make the best coffee. Your mornings just got a lot easier!

PLEASE NOTE: The large mason jar does not include a straw hole, as it is perfect for keeping your cold brew or coffee nice and fresh for longer periods of time. This Mason Jar is not heat resistant and is for cold beverages only. We recommend our Chamberlain Coffee Mug for hot beverages.


  • Material: Normal glass

  • Dimensions: Diameter = 8.7 cm, Height = 16.4 cm

  • Size: 25oz

  • Additional information: Perfect for overnight brewing
California Made

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