Chamberlain Coffee x Bodum Milk Frother


Calling all baristas: you need this milk frother in your kitchen. Even if you’re not a barista, or have insane barista coffee making skills, you still need this milk frother. Try out some cool latte art and impress your friends, or just take a spoon and scoop some frothed milk on your coffee and call it a day. Tastes great no matter what, and looks photogenic. 

How to make foam with Bodum: 

  1. Fill the milk frother with your favorite type of milk (make sure it’s cold tho) 
  2. Put the milk frother on a flat and stable surface, put the lid on and close the pouring outlet so you don’t spill
  3. Plunge the milk for like 30 seconds, or until it’s nice and thick and yummy looking. Then let it rest for a minute
  4. If you want it to be hot, just toss it in the microwave for 30-50 seconds
  5. Take a picture and post on insta or whatever and enjoy!
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