Chamberlain Coffee x Bodum French Press - 34oz


Busybee? Prefer simple and easy to make coffee? But drink a lot of coffee? The 8 cup french press is for you. The iconic french press is made for those who enjoy simple, but delicious coffee. It brings out the delicious tastes and aroma of your coffee with minimal effort required! It’s super easy to use, and very quick to clean. 

How to french press with bodum (8 cup): 

  1. Add 8 spoons of freshly ground coffee to your French press and add hot water to it (leave an inch of room at the top)
  2. Stir with a wooden or plastic spoon, then put the lid back on and turn it to the closed position
  3. Wait 4 minutes, have a snack or something
  4. Gently push down on the plunger to stop coffee brewing, then turn the lid 180 degrees
  5. Pour, sip, chug, have a great day
California Made

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