Chamberlain Coffee x Bodum Coffee Grinder


The coffee grinder is a great way to make coffee without a coffee machine. If you’re kinda picky about how your beans are ground, you’ll probably want to get this coffee grinder. And it’s really easy to use because there’s just one button so what could go wrong? The clear lid makes it easy to see the beans, that way you can control the level of coarseness you want. It’s all up to you. You are your own barista now.

How to grind coffee with Bodum: 

  1. Fill your coffee grinder with your favorite Chamberlain Coffee whole beans, and place the lid on before you start grindin 
  2. Press the one button it has while the coffee is grinding, and then stop it when your beans are at the level of coarseness you want
  3. You got your beans! Make your coffee however you want and enjoy
Please note: This product operates using the standard European, two-prong receptacle and is therefore only compatible with European outlets.
California Made

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