Cold Brew Press Starter Pack

€49.00 - €54.00

This one’s for the cold brew lovers. Love the idea of a french press? But only like cold brew? The Cold Brew Press is there for ya. Paired with the Original Family Blend Coffee. A rich and vibrant medium roast with a juicy complexity similar to biting into a chocolate covered cherry. Drink it. Share it. Ruin your favorite sweater with it. Just don't forget to enjoy! 

Caffeine level: 4/5

This cold coffee brewer makes refreshingly smooth and naturally sweet coffee that tastes less acidic than traditionally brewed coffee. It’s also built to prevent spills (it happens) and keeps your coffee ice cold, which is important lol. 

How to cold brew with Bodum:

  1. Add 12 spoons of coarsely ground coffee to your cold brew press, and fill with COLD water
  2. Stir with a wooden or plastic spoon, then put the lid back on
  3. Leave it with the lid on in your fridge for 18-24 hours, go watch tv, take a nap, get your nails done 
  4. After it’s finished brewing, remove from your fridge and swap the lid with the plunger and gently but FIRMLY, push down. Make sure the lid is locked tho
  5. Fill a mason jar with some ice cubes, and pour the cold brew straight into the jar
  6. Add a splash (or 6 splashes idk) of your favorite kind of milk, and chug that delicious goodness!


California Made

Get inspired with Chamberlain Coffee.